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The Teen Cellular Phone Market is Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Everywhere you turn around, you see someone talking on a cell phone. This latest technological shift in the way we converse with each other has not been lost on teenagers. In fact, experts would agree, that teens are the fastest growing demographic in the cellular phone market.

And the parents are paying for their teens to have a cell phone. Why? Having your teen carry a cell phone gives you, the parent, a secure feeling that your teen will be safe with one and the additional expense becomes a mute point. If you are debating whether or not you should get your teen a cell phone, compare plans and do your homework. All key cell phone companies offer family plans as well as free cellular phones.

But before you make that purchase?.While your main concern may be your teen's safety but have you considered what your teen's main objective may be? I doubt that it would be his/her safety. I bet your teen's objective may be to talk to all of his/her friends on his/her new cool cell phone. Hence, the airtime usage will be astronomical. Therefore, you may wish to seek out a plan that has plenty of free minutes as well as unlimited nights and weekends. Or you may opt for a prepaid cellular plan whereby you will have more control over the minutes used.

Secondly, can you depend on your teen not to lose her/his new cellular phone? If you think that this might be an issue, perhaps you should consider a free cell phone plan. While this may cost you money at the front-end, it won't be an extraordinary charge at the backend if your teen comes home without the cell phone.

Another tip?Teenagers driving and cell phone use. While it is against the law in some areas to drive while talking on a cell phone, you may wish to consider a hands-free kit for the car. This also allows your teen driver to converse on the cell phone and concentrate on driving.

Cell phones are great devices and combined with the best cellular phone plan that suits you, your family and, of course, your budget, it's a great investment.

Catherine Kenyeres is a free lance writer and publisher for Catherine provides the latest information, reviews and comparisons for cell phone clients.

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