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There are many large cellular phone companies that operate in the USA. Each cellular phone company provides various cellular phone services and offers a number of cellular phone plans. Many of these companies limit their presence to a select number of states. Services that each cellular phone company offers to the residents of the states where that company operates range from local cellular phone plans to national long distance plans. Prices and promotions vary from company to company. Most important US cellular phone companies include, but are not limited to AT&T Wireless, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Nextel, and others.

AT&T Wireless as a cellular phone company.

AT&T Wireless is a large cellular phone company with service almost all over the nation, including the state of Alaska. AT&T Wireless uses TDMA technology and is starting using GSM technology. It provides digital services as well as analog services in many areas. AT&T Wireless has a large client base and is offering many different cellular phone plans to its clients. It also has a big selection of phones produced by such cellular phone market leaders as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, etc.

Cingular Wireless as a cellular phone company.

Cingular Wireless is a large cellular phone company that operates on the east and west coasts, but doesn't offer any services in the Midwest. Cingular Wireless uses TDMA and GSM technologies. It also offers a big selection of cellular phone plans and cellular phones.

T-Mobile as a cellular phone company.

T-Mobile, formerly Voicestream, is a large cellular phone company offering cellular phone services in many areas. According to T-Mobile, they have coverage areas in over 80 countries. T-Mobile uses GSM technology. T-Mobile is a fast growing company that increases its share of the market over time. It successfully competes with other cellular phone companies by providing competitive prices for its large selection of cellular phone services.


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